Woods in the Books
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StoryTime in the Woods | 亲子同乐之《蜡笔小黑》


Let’s open the crayon box! Why won’t the other crayons let the black crayon join in their fun? In a session that focuses on Mandarin oral communication and interaction, read a story, create a scratch painting, and bring a copy of《蜡笔小黑》home with you! This session supports parent-child language immersion and is friendly to non-Chinese-speaking parents.

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Workshop: Lemonade, Money, Good Causes


Can a simple glass of lemonade make a difference in our world? Find out how you can turn lemonade into social enterprise in this special learning journey with Swapnil Mishra, author of Freddy the Eager Fundraiser. Learn about budgeting, collaboration, and how to sell lemonade to raise money for a good cause*!