Woods in the Books
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How many books?

One of our regular customers once toddled in, carrying one of his treasured books to show to us. This is the exchange that took place: Kiddo: Look at my Star Wars book! Elf: Wow! How many Star Wars books do you have? Kiddo: I only have…………………….A LOT! That’s the kind of book habit we want […]

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Children’s Day Weekend!

Happy faces all around this Children’s Day weekend! Here’s a taste of the fun we had… Anyone who was on our mailing list or who signed up on the spot to join scored a little Bonus Gift to brighten their day. Inside a little brown paper package, we’d wrapped up cheerful washable stamps, just nice […]

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Creative Residency Programme: Artist-Led Puppetry Performance

‘You, me, birds flying through the rainforest. We are all connected. We are all nature. ‘ Through puppet performance and sensory play, discover the connections that link us to our planet. With a little help from everyday objects, Myra Loke uses her research in child-led play to create a journey filled with different sounds and textures of […]