Woods in the Books
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Bookshop Reading

There’s been a time or two (or every week) where a customer wistfully looks over the counter at one of the bookshop elves and says, “You’re so lucky to work here, where you can just sit behind the counter and read all day.”

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This is Not a Book: Thoughts from Creative Resident Myra Loke

When I chanced upon This is Not a Book by Jean Jullien, I knew this was what I wanted to work with. There are no words in the book and the pages are images or settings with seemingly no relation to one another. It’s a great piece of material to provide both visual and audio stimulation to young children, and at the same time allows creativity and imagination to determine the premise of that stimulation. I wanted to also demonstrate to parents that there’s no need to buy many toys or books, they can use just one book to create many different stories that can stimulate the imagination in different ways.

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The Borrowers

Q: What’s the difference between a library and a bookshop? A: At the library you can borrow the books for a little while. At the bookshop you can borrow the books forever! Q: What do you think bookshop owners do in a bookshop? A: Sell books! A: Collect books! A: Take care of the books! […]

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StoryTime in the Woods | 亲子同乐之《蜡笔小黑》

Let’s open the crayon box! Why won’t the other crayons let the black crayon join in their fun? In a session that focuses on Mandarin oral communication and interaction, read a story, create a scratch painting, and bring a copy of《蜡笔小黑》home with you! This session supports parent-child language immersion and is friendly to non-Chinese-speaking parents.