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Book Review: The Everyday Journeys of Ordinary Things by Libby Deutsch and Valpuri Kerttula

Every day we are surrounded by ordinary objects and services that have been on the most extraordinary journeys to reach us — journeys that are all happening RIGHT NOW. Take a look around you. What do you see? Where does it come from? How did it begin?

Once you start noticing these extraordinary journeys, you’ll never look at the world in the same way again…

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Behind the wizard’s curtain…

Before the rainbow fun of 2019’s Yong Siak Children’s Street Trail could begin, the elves of Woods in the Books were hustling and bustling to make the magic happen. For years now, we’ve collected the cardboard rolls that thermal receipt paper is wound around. Each roll is made of thick, quality, long-lasting cardboard and we’ve […]

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Yong Siak Children’s Street Trail

Collect a RAINBOW of fun at the Yong Siak Children’s Street Trail! Join in activities at each store to get stickers as you go! The annual children-only street event takes place on 21 July 2019, Sunday on Yong Siak Street, Tiong Bahru. 21 JULY 2019Sunday9AM – 5PM Tongue Twister FunSpin the wheel and play our […]

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Sweet Customer Comments

On days with lots of difficult customers, suddenly getting a sweet compliment can turn the day completely around. Here are some of the sweet words we’ve heard over this fortnight. You’ve got a really comprehensive range for a bookshop. Even specialist bookshops in Australia don’t have this kind of range. Lovely comments from a visiting […]

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StoryTime in the Woods | 亲子同乐之《首先有一个苹果》

First there was an apple… What happens next? Listen to the story change as you remake it in a session that focuses on Mandarin oral communication and interaction and then bring a copy of 《首先有一个苹果》home with you! This session supports parent-child language immersion and is friendly to non-Chinese-speaking parents. Woods in the Books believes that […]