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A Gift-Wrapping Lesson

As most of our regular customers know, we offer complimentary gift wrapping for purchases of $20 and above as a special service at Woods in the Books.

Whilst we can usually be found wrapping books of all sizes, we do also wrap toys of all sizes, who have been a-quiver with anticipation of going home to a new friend. For toys of odd-sized shapes, we fold our custom wrapping paper into bags and pop what are usually soft toys inside. Gifts with multiple items of different shape also receive the same treatment.

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StoryTime in the Woods | 亲子同乐之《我想给你打电话》

Ring ring! Who’s calling up to talk on the telephone? In this parent-child session focusing on Mandarin spoken communication and interaction, let’s listen to a story and then bring home a copy of《我想给你打电话》to enjoy! This session supports parent-child language immersion and is friendly to non-Chinese-speaking parents.

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Book Review: The House on Silat Road

In March, we hosted the authors of The House on Silat Road for a talk during the #BuySingLit Campaign. Si-Hoe S.S., the ‘real Sing’ whose memories form the basis for this book, recounted her most harrowing experience during World War II, as the family had to evacuate their home as bombs fell around them.

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Life Under Construction, Part Two

Have you seen our window at Woods in the Books? I think it’s a lovely window. It lets in the sun when the sky is clear, and it frames the pattering rain so prettily with its green painted grille. Last Christmas, in echo of our regular art on the Books Ahoy! window, our art director painted the window at Woods in the Books as well. You can still see the artwork dancing on the windowpane.

But when construction came to call, our window had to put its face away behind bamboo scaffolding swathed in gauzy green drapes. (To read about our first brush with construction this year, click here.)