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The Books of Roger Lancelyn Green

“You know, ” a customer said to me yesterday, “I used to read those when I was a kid.” “Ah,” I said, “So did I!” We were talking about Roger Lancelyn Green’s stories of myth and legend, all stories retold in his own words of old-fashioned heroism and derring-do featuring such characters as King Arthur […]

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

Has anyone else been melting this week? After the lovely cool rain earlier this month, we certainly weren’t expecting this week to be so desperately hot. With Christmas books and other seasonal items arriving at the shop as gifting days draw ever closer, the barrage of snowmen and ice, cosy coats and woolly scarves feels […]

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#ChristmasintheWoods: Gather ‘Round with Laughter and Cheer

Evergreen boughs tickle our fingers as we dress the tree for Christmas!
Join us at Woods in the Books and Books Ahoy! for a warm celebration of the season. With our seasonal goodies and a trove of deliciously enticing books, you just might find the perfect gift for that special someone you love.

December Opening Hours

Woods in the Books
Sunday – Monday 10.00AM – 6.00PM
Tuesday – Friday 10.00AM – 7.00PM
Saturday 9.00AM – 8.00PM
Christmas Eve 9.00AM – 6.00PM
Christmas Day 10.00AM – 6.00PM

Books Ahoy!
Monday – Sunday 10.00AM – 7.00PM
Christmas Eve 10.00AM – 7.00PM
Christmas Day  10.00AM – 6.00PM

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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Interviewer: What’s the best reaction you’ve had to your work?

Jim Kay: I’ve had a few letters saying they couldn’t get their children to read a book, but the illustrated version has finally got them reading. So I couldn’t ask for more really. It’s such a privilege. If you help one person engage with books, the hours, the solitude is worth it because you’ve hopefully helped somebody on a life of literary discovery.

It might sometimes seem like a new collector’s edition of the Harry Potter series is announced every year, whether it’s aimed at kids who have never read the books or the adults who grew up with them. But the two-year wait for the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has resulted in a Harry Potter book truly worth owning for fans both new and old.

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Woods in the Books 12月绘本故事艺术营| Mandarin Picture Book Camp

Dive into the world of Chinese picture books and explore as you read, make, and create in this 2-day camp! Discover your enthusiasm for Mandarin through games and art activities designed to encourage active interaction.

– Cosy group setting for better interaction
– Picture book story and art making
– Immersive group play and discussion
– Improves Chinese word recognition
– Builds confidence in Mandarin speech and creative expression

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Trick or Treat!

“How old are you?” “I’m four!” “I’m five!” Yesterday, little trick-or-treaters from our neighbours at the SPD Headquarters trekked out to pay us a visit! Decked out in glorious pirate hats and adorable orange fruit costumes, all handmade by the kids themselves, they trooped in to take a look at the books before making a […]

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Book Review: The Brilliant Oil Lamp

They pass by vegetable farms and forests and finally arrive at the new housing estate. The children gasp when tall buildings come into view. The apartments are stacked on top of one another — up to twenty stories high!

The Brilliant Oil Lamp

When Asha’s family moves to the new HDB flats in Toa Payoh, the first thing to do is set up the altar and light the brass diya, a beautiful oil lamp in the shape of a peacock that shines as though it were gold.

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How many books?

One of our regular customers once toddled in, carrying one of his treasured books to show to us. This is the exchange that took place: Kiddo: Look at my Star Wars book! Elf: Wow! How many Star Wars books do you have? Kiddo: I only have…………………….A LOT! That’s the kind of book habit we want […]

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Children’s Day Weekend!

Happy faces all around this Children’s Day weekend! Here’s a taste of the fun we had… Anyone who was on our mailing list or who signed up on the spot to join scored a little Bonus Gift to brighten their day. Inside a little brown paper package, we’d wrapped up cheerful washable stamps, just nice […]

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Creative Residency Programme: Artist-Led Puppetry Performance

‘You, me, birds flying through the rainforest. We are all connected. We are all nature. ‘ Through puppet performance and sensory play, discover the connections that link us to our planet. With a little help from everyday objects, Myra Loke uses her research in child-led play to create a journey filled with different sounds and textures of […]

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Woods in the Books……café?

The Woods in the Books phone line is open to enquiries of all nature. Book reservations, room bookings, party favour options, overseas delivery questions, and more. These are the normal questions that callers ring up to ask.

But once in a blue moon, strange questions might pop up.

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Creative Residency Programme: Artist-Led Imaginative Play

Between Tick and Tock

‘High above the bustle of the city,
are eyes that watch, and hands that know,
it’s time to pause the clock…
and for one tiny second between tick and tock, the city stops!’

Take your time over the everyday details of life in this sensory story experience of ‘Between Tick and Tock’ by Louise Grieg and Ashling Lindsay. Led by our Creative Resident Myra Loke, discover how this immersive story comes to life with the help of everyday items and live foley (reproduction of everyday sound effects). Kids aged 4 – 9 will also make and bring home a sound instrument to use with their own stories!

Witness how everyday objects can bring stories to life through our residency programme, demonstrating how stories can be livened up at home to create an environment where kids lead the play experience!

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Book Fair!

Twice every year, we hold a book fair in the B1 Atrium of FORUM The Shopping Mall, in the open space several floors below our own shop. While it might all be the same mall, the customers that we get at the book fair are sometimes shocked to hear that we’re actually from the bookshop upstairs, having never realised that there was a bookshop upstairs, much less that we have been there for 3 years and more or even that we had taken over the space from a bookshop that today is no more.