Woods in the Books
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Behind the wizard’s curtain…

Before the rainbow fun of 2019’s Yong Siak Children’s Street Trail could begin, the elves of Woods in the Books were hustling and bustling to make the magic happen. For years now, we’ve collected the cardboard rolls that thermal receipt paper is wound around. Each roll is made of thick, quality, long-lasting cardboard and we’ve […]

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Children’s Street Trail: Go Fish!

For the third July in a row, Yong Siak Street bloomed to life with balloons, bunting, and happy little ones who set out to conquer the Children’s Street Trail. Every year, we cross our fingers and our toes for good weather, and this year clearly all that digit-crossing paid off!

At our registration booth for the Children’s Street Trail activities outside, trailgoers must have felt bad for our elves, because we had more than one person sympathetically say, “It must be very hot for you!” But thankfully our outdoor elves were equipped with our very stylish DIY ladybird sun visors to beat the blazing sun!

The Children’s Street Trail is a community effort by the shops on Yong Siak Street to create a great day out for our younger members of the public. Woods in the Books has been a part of the Children’s Street Trail from the very beginning, when we helped to create the chalk trail drawings that you’ll still see if you come to Yong Siak Street today! Every year we try to make our programmes better than the year before and this year marked some of our most ambitious Street Trail activities yet.