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The Books of Roger Lancelyn Green

“You know, ” a customer said to me yesterday, “I used to read those when I was a kid.” “Ah,” I said, “So did I!” We were talking about Roger Lancelyn Green’s stories of myth and legend, all stories retold in his own words of old-fashioned heroism and derring-do featuring such characters as King Arthur […]

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How many books?

One of our regular customers once toddled in, carrying one of his treasured books to show to us. This is the exchange that took place: Kiddo: Look at my Star Wars book! Elf: Wow! How many Star Wars books do you have? Kiddo: I only have…………………….A LOT! That’s the kind of book habit we want […]

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Woods in the Books……café?

The Woods in the Books phone line is open to enquiries of all nature. Book reservations, room bookings, party favour options, overseas delivery questions, and more. These are the normal questions that callers ring up to ask.

But once in a blue moon, strange questions might pop up.

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A Gift-Wrapping Lesson

As most of our regular customers know, we offer complimentary gift wrapping for purchases of $20 and above as a special service at Woods in the Books.

Whilst we can usually be found wrapping books of all sizes, we do also wrap toys of all sizes, who have been a-quiver with anticipation of going home to a new friend. For toys of odd-sized shapes, we fold our custom wrapping paper into bags and pop what are usually soft toys inside. Gifts with multiple items of different shape also receive the same treatment.