About Us

Woods in the Books (est. 2009) is an independent bookshop in Singapore with a specialty in picture books and other illustrated books. Step in through our green door and you’ll discover a wonderland of stories to touch the heart or tickle the funny bone of readers young and young-at-heart. 

Our second branch, Books Ahoy!, offers picture books and chapter books to whet the appetites of young independent readers. From fantastic flights of fancy to marvels of the natural world and stories that delve into the inner landscape of the heart, young readers can set sail on new adventures with Books Ahoy! for years to come.

Turn the leaves of the books on our shelves and uncover a world of stories bright with colours of the imagination.



There was once the seed of an idea. It was fed on a love of picture books and planted deep in the soil of dreams. In 2009, the seed took root and sprouted into Woods in the Books, a haven for all who love the picture book as a form to depict and convey beautiful stories.

Woods in the Books first opened its doors in Club Street before moving in 2013 to Yong Siak Street, where you will still find it today. Nestled in one of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhood Tiong Bahru, we provide respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, as we aim to deliver a calm and nurturing environment. Visitors will be greeted by illustrated books, pop-up books, and a dizzying array of literature for children within our walls. Picture books are our especial passion — that illustration and the written word, two separate artistic disciplines, can meld together is a magical experience. Through every hand-picked book we sell, we want to spread appreciation of the picture book. It lights up our day when a customer brings home a new read from our shelves.

We want to bring the books we believe in to as many readers as we can. No book can come to life without a reader, whether it’s the independent readers who patronise Books Ahoy! or the young parents who seek out books for families to enjoy together. Our heart’s desire is to help readers of all stripes find books that can unlock experiences in empathy, discovery, and relating to the world around us. Through our story reading and creator programmes, children’s camps, and other experiential programmes, we hope to help readers explore the wonders of books beyond the page.

Woods in the Books Book Store at Tiong Bahru Singapore  

Woods in the Books @ Tiong Bahru