Book Review: I Think That It is Wonderful

Sundays are for Reading - I Think That It is Wonderful by David Korr and A. Delaney

Originally published in 1984, this early Sesame Street book of poems perfectly captures moments of joy and wonder in a child’s daily life, written in the voice of and accompanied by lovely illustrations of classic Sesame Street characters.

I Think That It is Wonderful opens by showing beloved Sesame Street characters as they go about their morning routine, from Big Bird curled up in his nest to Cookie Monster thinking of a cookies and milk breakfast. Alongside these little illustrated windows into each character’s morning, poetic stanzas welcome in the morning to Sesame Street with lighthearted joy.

The vibrant colour pencil illustrations perfectly score the poems that thread through the rest of the book. Covering instances of contemplative imagination, funny moments on public transport, efforts to learn new words, being the new kid, and learning new songs, the cheerful poems poignantly celebrate the little delights and humour that can punctuate a child’s day.

Just as the book opens with Sesame Street in the morning, I Think That It is Wonderful ends as Sesame Street prepares for bed. From Bert and Ernie, to Snuffy and Big Bird, the muppets of Sesame Street settle down to say goodnight in a gentle, heartwarming ending.

A cheery and deceptively simple book, I Think That It is Wonderful is an excellent book to kick off the new year through read-aloud fun. Recommended for ages 3 and up!


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