Woods in the Books 9月假期绘本故事艺术营 | Mandarin Picture Book Camp


Reading • Story • Art

Calling all kids who love story and art! In this 2-day holiday camp by Woods in the Books, dive into the world of Mandarin picture books and explore as you read, make, and create.

Discover your enthusiasm for Mandarin through games and art activities designed to encourage active interaction! In a cosy group setting where each child can learn through immersive group play and discussion as well as picture book story and art-making, we want to build confidence in Mandarin speaking in addition to improving Chinese word recognition and creative expression.

Note: As lunch and tea will be provided, please let us know if your child has any dietary requirements.

When: 9.00AM - 5.00PM, 12 - 13 September (2-Day Camp, includes lunch and tea breaks)
Who: 7 - 9 years old
Where: Woods in the Books, 3 Yong Siak Street
Ticket: $240/Child https://bit.ly/MandarinPictureBookCamp
(Registration closes on 10 September, limited to 8 seats only. This event will only go forward with minimum number of participants.)


Woods in the Books 9月假期绘本故事艺术营

由Woods in the Books 创始人带领小朋友进入华文绘本世界,邀请爱阅读爱故事的小朋友,一起探索绘本世界的图与文。



地点:Woods in the Books (3 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168642)
费用: $240 (包括材料,午餐和茶点)

About the faciliators:
Auntie Shannon: A bookseller of English and Chinese books with over 10 years’ experience under her belt, Shannon is the co-founder of Woods in the Books. In addition to running Woods in the Books, Shannon leads the Chinese edition of StoryTime in the Woods, a Mandarin-based story reading and interaction programme designed to encourage parents and children of all fluency levels to read together and cultivate positive attitudes towards Chinese learning.

Uncle Mike: The co-founder and art director of Woods in the Books, Mike is an illustrator and designer by trade. Since 2013, Mike has piloted a variety of children’s arts programmes for Woods in the Books and run art workshops for clients including Fendi, Kids 21, and the Housing Development Board.

热爱阅读、学习和绘本艺术,大学唸中文专业。先是Woods in the Books 创始人/店员/店长/采购/清洁工/……意外当上妈后,深深领会生儿难,教养更难,持续努力中。Shannon不定期办亲子绘本故事活动,希望鼓励大小朋友别怕学华文,也希望传播爱阅读、爱学习的乐趣。

Uncle Mike
Woods in the Books 创始人,驻店插画师/手作达人。10余年来,无限创意加上一双巧手,打造了Woods in the Books独家童趣世界。游走在个人创作和委托项目之余,也不定期为小朋友办绘画和手作班。

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