Body Safety for All this Children's Day!

This Children's Day weekend, Woods in the Books is happy to host our first parent-child Body Safety Workshop: Say No, Walk Out, Tell a Trusted Adult, led by the Singapore Children's Society. We think that this workshop is extremely important for our kids in today's day and age, and here's why...

Lately, it seems there's been a lot of news about sex crimes involving kids. While we know intellectually that these crimes happen, this year seems to be extraordinarily heavy on news with big profile crimes regarding the sexual abuse of children, including the story of Australian paedophile Boris Kunsevitsky who abused a total of 47 children, including 5 Singaporean boys.

As the sensationalist furore dies down, we're left with some pressing concerns and questions. What can we do to guard our kids against these predators? How can we keep them from preying against some of the most vulnerable members of our community?

The best way to empower kids, experts on the subject point out, is to educate children about body safety and sexuality.

While a lot of books on sexuality education -- which includes naming private parts by their proper names and forming healthy boundaries and relationships -- are aimed more at children on the onset of puberty, parents can begin these conversations from even younger.

Parents might feel that such talks will lead their children to experiment too early or serve to ruin their childhood, but according to the evidence this is far from the case. Early sexuality education keeps kids from absorbing false messages about sexuality that could be no more than a click away. Studies have also shown that comprehensive early education delays the onset of sexual activity.

It's important to keep these conversations age-appropriate, but it's equally important to have these talks early. Furthermore, it's just as important for parents to set the tone for early sexuality and body safety education.

At Woods in the Books, we believe in the power of literature to not only inspire but also to empower children with the tools to explore and protect the world around them. Part of their toolset includes learning ways to keep themselves out of harm's way. Just as kids learn that the red traffic light means stop and the green man means go, it's important to learn how to say no, walk out, and how to tell a trusted adult.

We want parents and children to use the Body Safety Workshop: Say No, Walk Out, Tell a Trusted Adult as the beginning of a conversation that will last throughout childhood to forge a foundation that will last a lifetime.

As part of the Body Safety Workshop: Say No, Walk Out, Tell a Trusted Adult, parents and children can expect to learn about different aspects of body safety over the course of this 2-hour workshop, which is led by the Singapore Children's Society. Learn to broach a subject that can be intimidating for parents to initiate in a supportive and child-appropriate environment with expert guidance.

Learn essential body safety skills in this parent-child workshop led by the Singapore Children’s Society. Through interactive resources, participants will learn how to tell the difference between right and wrong actions, and children will be empowered with important body safety skills.

All participants will bring home a copy of KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself to the conversation with your child.

In line with our beliefs to pay it forward, Woods in the Books is happy to host this workshop. All proceeds from this Children’s Day workshop will go towards the Singapore Children’s Society.

When: Saturday 5 October, 10.30AM - 12.30PM (2hrs, includes 1 intermission)
Who: 4+ to 6 years old
Where: Woods in the Books, 3 Yong Siak Street
Fees*: $48 for 1 Parent-Child Ticket

*Before Peatix handling fees.

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