Little EcoHero 2019: Bags and Such

Little EcoHero 2019 is in full swing! So far, we have begun our charge for a greener future by introducing a $1 charge on paper bags, setting up collection points at both Woods in the Books and Books Ahoy! for used paper bags, and we have more plans to come!

As our wonderful customers have responded to our calls for paper bags, some of you have asked if we’re worried whether our move to stop giving out our paper bags might hurt our brand.

Is it silly for a tiny set up like Woods in the Books to just stop giving out paper bags? Might it offend our customers who now have to weigh the cost of a paper bag in their budget? Does it cast a pall on the shopping experience if our customers don’t have our distinctive brown paper bags on their arms after a shopping spree?

When we first broached the idea of this campaign for Little EcoHero 2019, all these questions and more were things our small team talked about and debated long and hard. We haven’t come up with a definitive answer.  


A few weeks ago, as I asked a customer if she needed a $1 carrier bag for her new purchases, she very firmly told me, “No.”

And then she added, “It’s not about the money, it’s about saving the Earth.”

To us, this is the heart of the Little EcoHero Project. Tall trees grow from small seeds; every little action helps in our fight for sustainability. Our aim with Little EcoHero 2019 is not to cut costs, but to echo the environmental cost of producing each paper bag. While it might seem to hurt our brand, we hope that the ripples that come from the small act of encouraging our customers to reuse their paper bags or bring their own bags when they go shopping can turn into something as huge as saving our green planet and its future.

That’s our big picture dream for the Little EcoHero Project.

The Little EcoHero Project
The elves of the Woods want to inspire and empower our readers to save the planet! By starting young, we hope to help nurture a generation who will look after their own green planet. We wish to empower more Little EcoHeroes to take charge of their eco-friendly practices on a day-to-day level. For more information about the Little EcoHero Project, please visit this link.

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