The Little Treehugger Workshop!

Introducing… the Little Treehugger Workshop!

Woods in the Books is launching a new series of parent-child ‘green’ workshops that foster an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

For: 4 - 8 Years old
Date: 22 April | 29 April, Sun
Time: 11AM - 12PM | 2PM - 3PM
Ticket: $15 for 1 parent-child pair! Ticketing link:
Materials to bring: 21 clean used plastic bags (grocery shopping bag size)

Let’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! At the Little Treehuggers Workshop, bring the things that are carelessly thrown away at home and the elves of Woods in the Books will teach you how to turn them into works of wonder. Earth Day is here! Let's make an Upcycled Skipping Rope to kick things off! In this parent-child workshop, join the elves to read a story and make a new skipping rope out of your old plastic bags. (Since this Earth Day’s slogan is ‘End Plastic Pollution’, the elves hope you’ll only bring used plastic bags.)

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