StoryTime in the Woods - The Colour Monster| 亲子同乐之《我的情绪小怪兽》绘本故事

The Colour Monster is all mixed up! Can you help him sort out how he’s feeling? Join in to read a story, play games, craft your own Colour Monster, and bring home a copy of 《我的情绪小怪兽》to enjoy. This session supports parent-child language immersion and is friendly to non-Chinese-speaking parents!《我的情绪小怪兽》is a translation of The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas.

Woods in the Books believes that a good story is a good start to learning a new language, made better when parent and child explore together. Each session of our Chinese StoryTime begins with a handpicked story, which is reinforced by game and craft activities, and followed-up by bringing the storybook home to read together. We wish to nurture positive attitudes towards Chinese learning (or re-learning) amongst young and old.

Who: 4 - 7 years old
When: 11.00AM - 12.30PM, Sat 6 Oct
Where: Woods in the Books, 3 Yong Siak Street
Ticket: $28* for 1 parent-child pair, additional $10 per sibling/adult

*includes 1 copy of《我的情绪小怪兽》


Woods in the Books 亲子同乐活动系列意在鼓励大小朋友从故事开始,(重新)发掘学习华文华语的乐趣,培养积极的学习态度。

适合4-7岁, 不愿意或没信心开口说华语的小朋友或大朋友。

时间:上午11点 至中午12点半
地点:Woods in the Books
费用:$28* 一对亲子票/1大2小 或2个大人1个小孩 套票是$38*


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