Book Review: Tiger Tales

#BuySingLit, Read Our Stories - Tiger Tales by Joyceline See Tully and Chloe Chang

Wander through the jungle of Singapore’s history with these (nearly true) folktale and historical animal stories. This lavishly illustrated storybook collection is a joy, whether for read-aloud story time or for independent readers to explore on their own.

Ranging from Sang Nila Utama’s discovery of Singapore to the zoo that used to exist in the Botanical Gardens, Tiger Tales' seven short stories each pack a punch. Written in flowing prose, each story speaks directly to the reader, filled with animated dialogue and researched historical detail.

The characters, while occasionally fictionalised, are written to explore the historical circumstances of people who might have lived during the time. To further flesh out historical facts, a one-page ‘Did You Know?’ section clarifies historical details after every story.

Armed with a versatile palette, the illustrations caption the feel of Singapore through the years, depicting changes to the historical setting and the feel of the jungle across the passage of time. This eye for detail runs throughout Tiger Tales, extending to the animals that populate its pages. Beyond the seven featured animals of each story, an illustrated glossary names all the local animals who appear in the book, a fact-filled reference guide for interested readers.

Chock-full of local fauna, facts, and excellent fiction, Tiger Tales is a great pick this festive season for anyone with an interest in animal stories or Singapore’s folktales and history. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Parents might wish to take note that this book includes non-graphic descriptions of animal death.


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